Sponsorship Letter

Dear Alumni

This year Peakview Pre-Primary School celebrates 43 years of educational service to children from various communities of the greater Cape Town landscape. The school continues to be a leader in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) arena, offers a structured curriculum by a dedicated team of teachers, provide a stimulating and fun learning environment for young minds, while also offering safe after-care services. We are also thrilled to announce that we now serve learners between the ages of 2-6 years.   

 Peakview continues its track record of providing adequate opportunities to encourage child curiosity, equip learners with critical school readiness skills, whilst prioritising the gift of play. Our teachers and teaching assistants continue to be known for their nurturing love towards the learners in their care. 

We are proud of the many alumni who, as toddlers, once painted, played and filled the Peakview classrooms with laughter. Many of our alumni are now productive and successful adult contributors in society. We would be delighted to hear their life journeys and their delightful memories of their time at our beloved school.

Peakview was not immune to the disruptive and devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. For the first time in the history of the school, we are traversing unchartered territories as the aftermath of the pandemic left us uncertain about the financial future of the school.

As we endeavour to uphold the proud Peakview heritage we ask that you join this journey with us, by financially supporting our Legacy Fund. This fund will be earmarked for learner bursaries, technological and infrastructural development, and innovative teaching methods. We also welcome collaborative efforts with businesses for tax deductible purposes.   

Please see contact details and banking details below if you wish to support our Legacy Fund initiative.  

We are in the process of updating our alumni database and ask that you complete the personal details form below.

We thank you for your consideration, and support. We hope that your years at Peakview have contributed meaningfully to the growth of individual, family and societal life.

Best wishes,

Principal / Educator

Sharon Napoleon

Chairperson of School Governing Body

Willem Agenbag

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