Peakview opened as a private nursery school on 14 July 1980.

It was the brainchild of Rev Glyn Tudor, pastor of the Mowbray Baptist Church. During the planning of the new church, the school premises was included.

On the death of Rev Tudor, his wife, Yvonne, took up the issue of the school. She approached Mrs Thelma McMinn who agreed to be the first teacher of the school. In about two to three weeks Yvonne (now Horne) sourced a large amount of equipment and in no time children appeared and a nursery school started to function.

Over the years, various traditions have formed such as the Family Supper, The Valedictory Service, Morning Markets, celebration of the school’s birthday and the Concert and Nativity Play, to name but a few.

The school has benefitted from supportive parents who have assisted with the repair and maintenance of equipment and the garden, helped supervise on outings, organised morning markets, fund-raising and other special events.

In 1997 it was decided to restructure and extend the school. In January 1998 Peakview commenced with a Grade R for 16 pupils under Mrs Joleen Newton, a qualified Pre-Primary teacher and a Pre-Primary class for children in their 4th and 5th years, under another qualified Pre-Primary teacher, Mrs Gill Lanham.

We acknowledge the contributions the following pre-primary teachers and teacher assistants made towards making Peakview a wonderful and unique school it is today:

Thelma McMinn: (First teacher at school) : from July 1980 – 1981

(Principal/Educator) : assisted with music rings from October 1980, succeeded Mrs McMinn from 1982 – 1999, continued working part-time seeing to Principal’s duties and retired in 2002

Louise Livesey: Teacher’s assistant from July 1983 – 1991

Angela Kriger:  Teacher’s assistant from July 1991 – 1999

Gill Lanham: Pre-Primary teacher from 1998 – 2006 (also did duties of school secretary from 1995)

Janet van Wyk: Gr R teacher from July 1999 – 2001

Cecelia Klink: Teacher’s assistant from April 1999 – 2004

Lesley Japhta: (Principal from 2003) : Gr R teacher from October 2001 – 2005

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