School hours

School hours are from 07:30 – 14:00.  Learners may be fetched from 12:30 onwards.  After 14:00 aftercare fees will be charged.


School Gates

Please ring school bell and not the church bell on the Main Road.

Roughmoor Road gate (top gate) will be opened daily from 07:30 – 09:00, 12:15 -12:45 and 13:45 – 14:15.


Stationery and toiletries

At the beginning of the year a fee of R1000 will be added to your school fee account. (R500 for toiletries and R500 for stationary)


Grade R requirements

Grade R are requested to bring in a lever arch file and a ream of paper for their worksheets.


Woolworths Myschoool card

Please ask Jacqui for a Myschool card or get one in store or apply online and nominate Peakview as the beneficiary.  The Myschool card gives you discounts and rewards and also gives money to Peakview which in these times the school sorely needs.



In order to raise extra cash we have the following fundraisers:

  • Easter and Christmas markets
  • Hot dogs or pizza on Fridays
  • Ice lollies on Fridays in summer terms
  • Peakview’s birthday (last Friday in August)
  • Sale of tickets for our Christmas concert at the end of November


Extra mural activities

  • Playball: Tuesdays 10:30 – 11:00 – Younger Group, 11:00 – 11:30 – Middle Group and Grade R. 

Coach: Wendi Phone: 082 900 1822 

  •  Yoga (included in fees):  Friday 09:00 – 09:30 – Younger and Middle Groups, 09:30 – 10:00 – Grade R.

Teacher: Jacqui Phone: 082 571 0380

Snack time/lunch

Healthy snack, please no chips, sweets or sweet biscuits and a bottle of water.

Bring in

Apron, spare clothes, sun hat for summer. Please label your child’s belongings.



Please deliver your child to the school front door or their classroom.  Do not leave them in the parking lot to walk in alone. The learners will wait on the front step to be collected and may not cross the car park alone.



We prefer children not to bring toys from home unless they relate to our theme.


Outings and visitors (included in school fees)

We go to the Mowbray Library a few times a term for storytelling.

We take walks to UCT fields, Mostert’s Mill and Rhodes Memorial.

We may require parents to assist with lifts for outings to places such as the Baxter, Science Centre and Kirstenbosch

Occasionally we have educational visitors to the school such as Aquarium puppet shows, Reptile lady, bird man, etc.


Birthday rings

Please let your child’s teacher know on what day you would like your child to have their birthday ring.

You are welcome to attend your child’s birthday ring (usually at around 11.00)

Please bring cupcakes rather than cakes.  Party packs are not necessary.


Applications for Primary School

Application must be made online to WCED first.

Closing dates for applications are usually around the end of March.

Ask teachers for advice on local schools.



Please make sure your child gets enough sleep (11 hours) and goes to bed early. Tired children are grumpy and cannot concentrate.


Parent visits

Parents are encouraged to come in and talk to our learners about their occupation, sport, hobby, etc.



Our WhatsApp group and occasionally emails are our main way of informing parents what is happening at school.  It’s important that you diarise dates and know what is happening at school. Please let Jacqui know if you are not receiving WhatsApp messages and emails.


Parent/teacher meetings take place in the 2nd term.  Please make an appointment after school to chat about your child’s progress.


Facebook and Instagram

We frequently post photos on Facebook and Instagram of activities at school.  If you DO NOT want any photographs featuring your child posted please let Jacqui know.


One terms written Notice

Please note if you wish to take your child out of Peakview, we require ONE TERMS WRITTEN notice.



(Reflects on the copy of themes for the term)

    Would you like you child to attend Peakview Pre-Primary?