Sharon Napoleon

Principal & Educator in Middle Group

I matriculated in 1986, obtained my Pre-Primary diploma at Sallie-Davies College in 1989 and taught in the Grade R class at Leonsdale Primary School from 1990 till 2001.  I studied Education Management when doing the Further Diploma in Education at the University of Pretoria.  I taught at Eldene Primary School in Elsies River, at Northpine Primary School in Brackenfell, went to Adelaide in Australia, came back and joined the Peakview Pre-Primary Family in 2006.  In 2012 I obtained my Honours Degree in Adult Education through UNISA.

As a teacher who works with young children, I strongly believe that we need to have a huge amount of patience and a great sense of humour.  With these qualities we can endure all the ups and downs that occur every day and yet be focused on our end goals, which are to prepare our learners for primary school and especially for life.  

It is also of vital importance that we as educators maintain an open communication with our parents.  We should always strive to keep them informed of what is going on in the classroom or playground.

My focus as a teacher is not only on developing the child’s academic and social skills, but also on encouraging them to become confident, responsible, independent and self-disciplined people.

I believe that a successful teacher should be dedicated to her career and should care tremendously about the progress and well-being of every learner in the classroom and school.  There is nothing as rewarding at the end of the year to observe the wonderful progress that occurs in all our learners.


Nzukie Falake

Assistant Teacher in Middle Group

I worked as a child carer for one of Peakview’s learners.  I am grateful to the family for allowing me to be involved at Peakview’s functions and activities.  Since 2009, I came in 3 days a week working as an Assistant Teacher in the 3-4 year old group.  I became a full time and permanent staff member in 2011.

I love working with children and are planning to do the Early Childhood Development Programme next year.  I understand young children and become very excited when I can help develop them.  I teach them the difference between right and wrong, that sharing is caring, to be patient and to take turns.

Jacqui Bloomer

Grade R Educator

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and a post graduate higher diploma in Primary Education from UCT and many years teaching experience.  I started teaching at Peakview in 2006 and prior to this I had experience teaching various age levels in both Botswana and South Africa.  I live in Mowbray, am married and have two daughters.  

I am passionate about education and strive to create a happy and stimulating environment.  Having fun and laughing is always in the curriculum.  I believe in creating a language rich environment by fostering a love for stories and books.  Creating an environment where learners are enthusiastic about their school day is an important part of my approach.  I prioritise the development of my learners’ fine and gross motor skills and especially their core strength.  I believe in the importance of learning through play, experimentation and experiential learning.  Learners are stretched but also allowed to go at their own pace.  Incidental learning and a largely non-formal approach helps my learners develop the necessary skill for reading and writing.  I believe in experimental teaching so learners learn through the use of a variety of methods so they are constantly challenged and develop enquiring minds.  Listening skills and social skills are considered very important and are emphasised.  I bring movement, music and drama into the classroom as often as I can because this develops all sorts of skills in a fun manner.  Developing my learners confidence through self-expression while still maintaining good discipline and a routine, creates an environment where learners feel safe to explore and grow.

Bulelwa Zicgobo

Assistant Teacher in Grade R Group

I studied National Diploma in Education N4 – N6 and started working at various centres in 2012.  I joined Peakview Pre-Primary in 2014.  I am very passionate about my job and love working with children very much.  

I believe that children work and learn better in a happy and respectful environment.  So it is our responsibility to create a well – planned and creative environment where children can develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Prudence Mzamo

Educator in Younger Group

I’ve been at Peakview Pre-Primary School for thirteen years.  My son used to be a learner at the school before I started working at the school.  I started working at Peakview in January 2005 as an Assistant Teacher.  I assisted in both the 3-4 year old class and the Pre-Grade R / Grade R class.  I have recently graduated with a National Professional Diploma in Education in Foundation Phase. In 2016 I became the educator for the two and a half to four year olds.  

I believe children learn through play where they get the opportunity to explore, experiment and pick up basic knowledge through personal experiences.  They must also be taught to respect themselves, other people and the world around them so that they can become happy humans.

Christine Noble

Assistant Teacher in Younger Group

I started at Peakview in 2014 when doing an internship and when my son Reese attended the school.  I recently completed National Diploma in Education N6 and started working for Peakview in January 2016.  I am also currently the Pre-care Teacher at the school.

I love and enjoy working with young children and always strive to create an environment that is fun, educational and safe for them.  Young children should feel protected when in my care.  That is why I aim to always be a warm, caring and responsible adult.

Leslie Rix

Burser / School Governing Body Chairman

Who am I.  A career path
in many fields of finance from Restaurant Manager to Credit and District
Administrative Manager. 

Presently I am the Bursar at
Peakview Pre-Primary School and Chairman of the School’s Governing Body.

My career has also included my
love as a musician, organist and pianist at many venues in South Africa, as
well as assisting as pianist for the School Nativity Play.